Kayumanis in Villa Spa Sanur

Concealed within its own garden compound, Kayumanis Spa Sanur is a tranquil environment where you can disconnect from the outside world. It is a dedicated wellness facility for head to toe rejuvenation. Choose from a nurturing menu of body and beauty rituals influenced by Bali’s age-old healing heritage. All treatments are performed using high-grade essential oils, naturally sourced botanicals and soothing lotions to give all skin types a new lease of life.

From traditional Balinese massage to gentle body scrubs and refreshing facials, Kayumanis Spa Sanur will help you to look good and feel even better. Our team of trained therapists understand human anatomy and the unique power of touch to melt away all traces of stress and tension. Take pleasure in a reviving treatment alone or share a totally indulging spa experience with a partner.    

Kayumanis in Villa Spa

Kayumanis Spa is all about self-awareness and taking the time to heed the calling that beckons from within us all. We are making a conscious effort to bring back the health and beauty traditions of a bygone era. We present a meticulously crafted menu featuring a compilation of rituals to rebalance the effects of a modern lifestyle. Our menu celebrates Asia’s rich healing culture and is infused with contemporary wellness practices.

Signature treatments have been created to reflect the distinct character of each Kayumanis Spa in Bali. We also offer exclusive gender orientated treatments that pay special attention to neglected areas of the male and female anatomy.

New Treatment: Unique Bamboo Massage Treatment

Kayumanis Spa Sanur presents a unique treatment whereby a length of Bamboo is rolled over the body to expel all traces of stress and tension. Bamboo massage is a wellness therapy that dates back to the kingdoms of ancient China. As a natural element, the Chinese believe that bamboo has the power to cure physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments. This form of massage stimulates blood circulation and helps eliminate harmful toxins. Performed to the soothing sounds of bamboo music playing in the background, this ritual induces deep relaxation and a feeling of inner peace.

Signature: Balinese Dream

Indulge with a beauty ritual created to nurture the entire body by gently eliminating the tensions of a modern lifestyle. The treatment begins with an aromatherapy foot wash and cleansing sea salt scrub in scented water a nourishing followed by ‘cem-ceman’ oil hair therapy. The pampering continues with a traditional Balinese massage for a totally relaxing body and mind experience. A scrub of indigenous spices is then applied to naturally exfoliate the skin and remove any impurities before concluding with a leisurely soak in a warm bath infused with herbal ingredients.

> Aromatherapy Foot Wash > Hair Care > Traditional Balinese Massage > Spice Body Scrub > Balinese Herbal Bath.

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